Palais de Lomé Youth Education Programmes

This impressive historic palace was restored with an emphasis placed on sustainable materials and techniques, using a lot of the original materials and maintaining a dialogue with the past. It is surrounded by a fully rehabilitated 11-hectare park, inspired by the landscapes of Togo. In addition to providing an oasis in the heart of a bustling city for young city dwellers to appreciate the botanical wealth of their country, the museum offers a range of educational programmes for school children and runs environmentally inspired nationwide contests such as ‘What is your favourite tree?’ to engage and inspire children to consider their natural environment. Through various school programmes, they host more than 1,000 children per week, ensuring that engagement and discussions are inclusive, and particularly focused on connecting younger audiences and inculcating in them a sense of wonder and curiosity. Alongside contemporary art, they are introduced to a variety of plants, insects and birds, and engage in conversations about the threats to, and benefits of biodiversity. Founded by Sonia Lawson, supported by the Government of Togo.