Colbert Mashile: Capturing South Africa's Essence Through Brush and Charcoal

Colbert Mashile: Capturing South Africa's Essence Through Brush and Charcoal

South Africa is a land of stories, and many artists have used their talents to share them. One such artist is Colbert Mashile who grew up in the countryside. He has a special way of showing tales about life, nature, and memories.

Colbert paints with watercolours and draws with charcoal. This makes his art feel close to nature, with colours that remind you of the earth. His art shows the differences between city and village life, between Western and African ways, and between what people view as pretty or not pretty. But more than anything, his art shows the complex beauty and spirit of South Africa.

Mashile has made significant strides in the art world, showcasing his talent globally. In 2016, he participated in the CIRCA group exhibition in London. A year prior, in 2015, he exhibited at the FNB Jo-burg Art Fair in Johannesburg's Everard Read Gallery Booth. 2006 was particularly prolific for Mashile, with his work "Les arts de la Coexistence?" displayed in Paris at both the Alliance Francaise and Musee des Arts Derniers, and his "New Painting '' series exhibited in Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. This period also saw him feature in the DAK' ART in Dakar, Senegal. Additionally, in 2005, he was part of the Brett Kebble Awards Exhibition and presented in Bordeaux, France at the Migrations Culturelles.

If you’re interested in purchasing Colbert Mashile's artwork, his artwork is available for purchase in the Arete catalogue. Each piece tells a story, and every story reveals a bit of South African life and creativity.

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