TC Maila's Captivating Photography

TC Maila's Captivating Photography

Art photographer TC Maila captures the emotions of his early childhood with a powerful focus on the delicate balance between human progress and the preservation of our planet. His photographs tell a tale of nostalgia, capturing the essence of rural life and its harmonious coexistence with nature.

Maila's work celebrates the vibrancy of village life and serves as a reminder of the need to cherish the land that nurtures us. Through his lens, he portrays a tale of how relocating from his rural home to an urban setting impacted him, highlighting the struggle between maintaining one's cultural roots and adapting to a modernized world.

Currently, TC Maila is showcasing his talent at the La Biennale Architectural International Exhibition in Venice, Italy. The exhibition, “The Past is the Laboratory of the Future,” ties the architectural representation of society from pre-colonial Southern African cultures. Furthermore, his recent assignment with South African Tourism in 2020-2021 took him on a journey across South Africa's most secluded regions, allowing him to further delve into his distinctive style.

For those intrigued by TC Maila's exceptional work, his artwork is available for purchase in the current Arete catalogue.

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