Art speaks from, and to, our deepest selves. With the power to illuminate and challenge entrenched thinking, art helps us to see changing and complex issuesfrom new vantage points. The name Arete itself speaks to this interplay of multiple interpretations. As a geological term, it refers to the rocky ridge that iscreated when two glaciers meet, resulting in a dramatic vantage point from which one can see far and wide. It also evokes the Greek meaning ‘the fullest and bestpotential of one’s essence’.

In this inaugural publication, Afroprophetic: Art transforming minds and nature, we focus on the expansive theme of our relationship with the environment and howto protect and value Africa’s incredible landscapes and natural heritage. Profits support a myriad of art projects across Africa that engage young people andcommunities in dialogue about the relationship between humans and the natural environment. This dialogue probes themes of planetary health and the complex challenges of sustainable development.

Arete Arts Community

We provide platforms to amplify the voices and messages of contemporary African artists through exhibitions and small private events. We connect establishedand emerging contemporary African artists with buyers and those who appreciate the transformational power of art. We focus on artistic storytelling about social and climate justice. Profits directly support emerging artists and the Arete Arts Foundation.

Arete Arts Foundation

We seek to make art accessible to everyone. We provide small grant support ($5,000-$20,000) for creative initiatives across the African continent that use art to connect and engage people and advance their social and environmental missions.

In some places this involves running summer art camps and school based programmes with environmental themes. In other places it means creating an interactive exhibit in a public space or supporting a group of artisans. By supporting grassroots engagement and using art to connect and engage people

- especially the youth - we hope to inspire innovation and creativity in tackling the interlinked crisies of climate change and biodiversity loss. All selected initiatives also contribute to a peer network, enhanced by exchanges and social media promotion. The first round of grants will take place in 2023, alongside a series of public exhibitions and exclusive private events.



Emilia Keladitis and Stephanie Sluka