Sokari Douglas Camp and the celebration afroprophetic art

Sokari Douglas Camp and the celebration afroprophetic art

Today, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on the remarkable artist Sokari Douglas Camp, whose captivating work is prominently featured in the thought-provoking book "Afroprophetic: Art Transforming Minds and Nature." Sokari's artistic journey has been one of profound creativity, cultural exploration and environmental sustainability, as she bridges the gap between art, nature, and contemporary expression. 

In the "Afroprophetic: Art Transforming Minds and Nature," Sokari Douglas Camp's work takes center stage as a prime example of Afroprophetic art. Sokari's art goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a bridge connecting humanity with nature. Her art extends beyond gallery walls; she often creates large-scale public installations that engage communities and provoke conversations - her iconic sculptures often depict human forms interacting harmoniously with elements of nature. These installations inspire viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment and the impact of human actions on the planet. 

Buy a copy of our book Afroprophetic: Art Transforming Minds and Nature, to explore more of Sokari’s work and inspiration or get in touch with us to find out more about her available artwork.

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